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Mater Nappy Balm

Silky smooth, exceptionally gentle cream ideal for nourishing red and delicate bottoms. Unique, soothing formula forms a protective barrier to repel wetness while still maintaining breathability and moisturising the skin.


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  • Mater’s range of high quality, low irritant skin care products are designed to soothe and care for mother and baby every day. All products are Australian Made, dermatologically tested, pH balanced and suitable for sensitive skin.

    What makes Mater Nappy Balm superior to other creams on the market is in the unique formula. Mater Nappy Balm was formulated to replicate the moisture barrier qualities of the vernix—a naturally occurring barrier substance produced in-utero which coats and protects the baby before birth. This represents a breakthrough in nappy area care, in that the formula both protects the skin, and allows it to breathe.

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