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Mammary Massage Comb

Patented hand held massage comb for lactating breasts to promote smooth milk flow and prevent blocked milk ducts.


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  • Directions:

    Hold comb on the non-slip T-area. Raise your arm and using the mapping of a clock, go clockwise with every hour hand, starting from noon (take note 1 and 2 o’clock starts from armpit areas, lift breast upwards for 4 to 8 o’clock) and go 3 complete rounds. Strength used similar to the pressure of brushing the hair. Stop at Areola areas.

    For engorged breasts and obstructed mammary glands, strength applied should be different from above. Press the side with studs downward as deep as the height of the studs. Comb the breasts 3-5 times before breastfeeding or pumping.

    You may adjust the frequency and number of rounds according to the level of engorgement or blockage.

    Washing instructions:
    Use cold water with gentle soup to wash after each use.
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