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Chicken Essence

Chicken essence is a liquid nutritional supplement made by selected high-quality chicken. Natural flavor. Help to relieve fatigue and improve overall health.


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  • "WELLNESS"' Chicken Essence is an extract of fine quality chicken (Black chicken) and provides high quality protein as a nutritional supplement. Using the exclusively extraction and highly scientific method, the essential amino acids were extracted into a liquid nutritional suppliment and it's specially formulated for easy absorption and digestion by human body. It contains free amino acids, which are higher than other chicken species, and rich in iron, copper, zinc and vitamins. It is suitable for whole family drinking .

    Chicken essence is a popular traditional and nutritional tonic in Asia. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, chicken essence is used to strengthen bones and muscles, promote the metabolism, relieve fatigue, and improve overall health.

    [Nourish your body ]
    - Low calories
    - Low sodium
    - Low fat
    - High quality protein
    - Free amino acids (containing 9 essential free amino acids)
    - Enhance physical strength

    [Exclusive Patent Technology - tiny molecule technology]

    WELLNESS uses the exclusive patented tiny molecule activated extraction technology, which is directly extracted from solid chicken meat into liquid essence, which makes the intestinal tract easier to absorb directly. The report shows that the absorption rate is as high as 98%!

    [Recommended for]

    - Pregnancy Series – Ready to Pregnant Couples / Confinement / Pregnant Mother (It is recommended to drink for the entire period of pregnancy and during lactation after pregnancy to provide high quality protein to mothers and babies.)
    - Before and after surgery to regulate body
    - Replenishing vitality

    [How to drink]
    Hot water heating –No need to unpack, directly put it into hot water for 2-3 minutes

    Recommended consumption: 1 pack per day for adults; halved for children under 2 years of age.

    5 packs in one set. 53ml per pack.
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