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AIO OSFM (Snap) Nappy

Our All-In-One Nappy is perfect for daycare, babysitters, carers, and family members who are less inclined to use cloth. It's a simple design and really easy to use.


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  • Our nappy features:

    All in one
    One size fits most
    Waterproof minky outer material
    6 layers of bamboo cotton fleece
    Suede lining for a stay dry feel
    Double gussets
    Front and back elastic
    Snap Closure

    To fasten nappy:

    Adjust the nappy size to fit your baby, to do so, snap up the front rises together to the size that is suitable for your baby
    Find the best fit around the groin area, snap the bottom row of snaps together for each leg
    Now, find the best fit for the waist, then snap the top row together.

    To launder:

    Shake any poo on the nappy down the toilet
    Throw into nappy wash basket/pail (no need to soak, preferably lid off)
    Throw into washing machine when there's enough nappies (pre-rinse if you feel it's necessary)
    Use a nappy safe detergent (no bleach or fabric softeners)
    Wash on warm for best results (cold is fine also)
    Hang out on the line to dry for best results; or place in dryer on lowest heat setting.

    Composition: Outer - Minky Polyester PUL; Inner - Bamboo Cotton (70:30; 340gsm), Suede Lining
    Size: OSFM
    Closure: Snap

    Please refer to suppliers policy here

  • Please refer to suppliers policy here

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